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Sell-side agency Multilocal launches low carbon marketplace

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Multilocal has teamed up with carbon intelligence platform Cedara to give clients the ability to better manage their carbon emissions. The partners have launched a low carbon marketplace called Green PMP deals.

Multilocal is a supply side specialist that acts as a single point of contact for clients' global digital marketing efforts. Its platform helps clients improve efficiency by streamlining programmatic ad placements.

And now, it is adding sustainability to the mix too. Working with Cedara lets Multilocal see how much carbon its own business is responsible for. But it also shows where Multilocal can add value for its partners – for example by ensuring that no unnecessary bid requests are sent.

So with this new Green PMP deals process, Multilocal clients will be able to benchmark carbon contributions both as individual businesses and as part of the wider advertising industry. They can also curate PMPs from publishers with less than one metric tonne of carbon emissions, as measured by sustainability specialist Scope 3.

The launch comes as awareness of low-emissions advertising is gaining momentum in the industry. A recent study by Scope 3 revealed that advertising campaigns generate 215,000 tonnes of carbon every month.

Meanwhile a ANA Programmatic Media Supply Chain Transparency Study, which focused on open web programmatic advertising, warned of significant issues around inefficiencies and waste. However, it also concluded that sustainability efforts can be enhanced with productive programmatic media buying, pointing to opportunities to drive at least $20 billion in efficiency gains.

James Leaver, Multilocal’s CEO, said: “With growing numbers of companies conscious about the carbon emissions driven by their advertising - and as the market continues to look for innovative ways to counter challenges posed by our increasing use of digital technologies - Multilocal has been able to offer yet another innovation to the sell-side to optimise ad curation efforts across the globe.”

Fern Potter, VP Product and Partnerships at Multilocal added: “At Multilocal, we are on a journey alongside our partners. Not only have we measured our own carbon emissions and streamlined our bid process, but we have also set out to provide clients with the ability to manage their carbon emissions as responsible marketplaces gain momentum across the industry. We are delighted to offer access to technology that can reduce carbon emissions,, as well as giving advertisers the opportunity to target eco-conscious audiences across all verticals and markets. For companies conscious about how much carbon they release, this is a significant step forward.”