Stormzy headlines Rockstar Energy Drink 'Press Play' immersive digital gig on Spotify

David Murphy

Rockstar Energy Drink staged a digital concert experience featuring global superstar, Stormzy, last Friday, to showcase its new ‘Press Play’ brand platform. The performance transported viewers into an immersive world, while local artists Ronisia, Tribbs & Smolasty, and Azet performed in France, Poland, and Germany, respectively.

The Rockstar Press Play Concert premiered on Spotify, and featured Stormzy's latest album hits, including 'Hide & Seek' and 'This is What I Mean', as well as chart-toppers 'Big for Your Boots', 'Crown', and the record-breaking single 'Vossi Bop'. 

Within the in-app digital concert experience, viewers could embark on a journey exploring four distinct worlds in addition to viewing the live performance on the main stage. In the 'City Nights' world, Stormzy's performance was set against neon-lit nightscapes. Drawing inspiration from his love of gaming, the 'Gaming' world immersed fans in scenes reminiscent of popular action-adventure games. The 'Abstract' world showcased a striking silhouette of Stormzy against colourful backdrops, amplifying the energy through brightly-coloured settings. Finally, the 'Explore' world transported viewers to see the artist take the stage in awe-inspiring supernatural landscapes.

Stormzy said: “Collaborating with Rockstar to bring this performance to life has been an incredible journey. From wearing the motion-capture suit to witnessing my avatar command the stage in five worlds, it has been a project that has pushed boundaries since the start. I hope it ignites the same energy and excitement in my fans as it did in me."

Rockstar's Press Play brand platform aims to remove barriers that hinder individuals from indulging in the activities they love. The Press Play concert was free to access on Spotify, and also featured a British Sign Language (BSL) interpreted edition, choreographed by Chris Fonseca, a talented deaf choreographer and performer, which included BSL and expressive dance. To amplify the experience, outdoor viewing sites were created in major cities worldwide, including London, Copenhagen, and Liverpool.

"We are thrilled to unveil the Rockstar 'Press Play' concert experience, which perfectly embodies our brand ethos of making energy accessible to everyone, empowering them to say 'yes' to the activities they love,” said Bart LaCount, Vice President of International Beverages Marketing at PepsiCo. “Stormzy's outstanding performance and Chris Fonseca's dynamic BSL interpretation are high-energy and provide the revitalising boost needed to help music fans switch from work to play. We are dedicated to making energy within reach for everyone, and we hope that with this performance and a refreshing can of Rockstar, our fans can make the most of their downtime."

The Rockstar Press Play performances by Stormzy, Ronisia, Tribbs & Smolasty, and Azet are available to stream until August 4, 2023, on Spotify, or via YouTube where music fans can experience the BSL interpretation.