Tommy Hilfiger launches multi-metaverse hub

David Murphy

Lifestyle brand, Tommy Hilfiger, has rolled out a multi-metaverse hub, launching simultaneously and bringing together, interoperably, several metaverse platforms, including Decentraland, Roblox, Spatial, DressX and Ready Player Me, all part of Tommy Hilfiger’s Decentraland Metaverse Fashion Week 2023 presence.

Featuring DressX-powered digital fashion; a collaboration with Web3 artist, Vinnie Hagar; AR features; a photo booth; gamification; emotes and a community-focused competition to create AI fashion; the hub, created by Emperia, is set in an iconic monolith structure made of the ‘TH’ monogram, which will appear across all platforms, creating a unified digital brand story, while allowing for seamless movement between the retailer’s own website and the various metaverses. The aim is to provide an end-to-end shopping journey, which is carefully crafted to reflect the brand’s DNA in in a cohesive way, with a unique impact on user experience and engagement time.

With this first cross-metaverse hub, Emperia said it is blurring the frontiers of Web3, pioneering a new layer for interoperability, enabling a connection between the metaverse, eCommerce, entertainment and direct performance, all backed by data. Emperia tracks in-hub user activity, allowing a granular insight on user journey and engagement across the different metaverse experiences.

The new Tommy Hilfiger digital hub also focuses on enhancing the product experience, by offering four exclusive selected items, led by the Tommy Hilfiger iconic Varsity Jacket, presented in different aesthetic representations across all platforms, and available for sale in two different forms: physical –  connected to Tommy’s eCommerce; and digital – connected to digital fashion platform, DressX. The Varsity jacket is available for sale in physical form via the Emperia hub, while the Ready Player Me platform is offering the digital version, which can be used in various games and environments.

“Emperia is continuing to change the face of virtual retail, pushing the envelope and supporting retailers along their eCommerce transition journey,” said Emperia Co-founder and CEO, Olga Dogadkina. “Our work with Tommy Hilfiger and [Tommy Hilfiger owner] the PVH group signals the industry’s movement towards collaboration, with the idea of leveraging each technology vendor’s own unique traits and capabilities, under the umbrella of Emperia’s virtual environments, connecting all solutions end-to-end, while enhancing and streamlining user experience and creating a brand-new digital retail environment which decreases usage friction and encourages a deeper brand engagement and increased shopper loyalty.”