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Underwear brand Saxx launches virtual store to showcase its DropTemp collection

David Murphy

Premium men’s underwear and apparel brand Saxx has launched what it says is the first-ever dedicated virtual store from an underwear company. It’s an immersive experience, housed in the metaverse, powered by Emperia, that enables shoppers to browse three-dimensional items in a 360-degree showroom. The store exclusively features underwear, tops and swimwear from Saxx’s DropTemp collection, which uses proprietary evaporative fabric to cool the body, by wicking (drawing) moisture from the skin and distributing it evenly across the fabric, allowing it to evaporate while the body sweats.  

Upon entering the store, shoppers are transported to an oxymoronic environment where it’s snowing in the desert, subtly highlighting DropTemp’s cooling qualities. A short pathway lined with shoppable product displays leads to an open-air showroom. More items can be found around the showroom’s swimming pool, including underwear, short and long sleeve tops, polos and hoodies with UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) 50 rating that can be worn in the water. Shoppers are encouraged to “dive in” to the pool, which unlocks another retail area consisting of a variety of prints from Saxx’s swimwear line.

"We like to do things differently than other brands, and a virtual store gave us the opportunity to bring our DropTemp technology to life in an unexpected setting,” said Saxx CEO, Wendy Bennison. “This is an exciting step for Saxx, as we’ll be able to connect with our customers in a new way. Not only does this mark our first virtual store, but it’s also our first-ever standalone retail location where shoppers can walk around and interact with our products – albeit virtually.”

SAXX is passionate about keeping men comfortable and cool, so it developed DropTempTM to amplify the body’s natural cooling capacity. The proprietary technology wicks moisture from the skin and distributes it evenly across the fabric, allowing it to evaporate while the body sweats. Unlike chemical cooling treatments, DropTempTM is built directly into the fabric to deliver a lifetime of hypothermic performance.

The virtual store is officially available here, starting February 21: