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Vans World passes 100 million visits on Roblox

Tim Green

Footwear brand Vans has just hit a footfall milestone – its attracted more than 100 million visits to its virtual skatepark on Roblox.

Vans World launched in September of 2021, and is now one of the longest running brand experiences on Roblox. The destination is based around skateboarding and acts as a forum for Vans to test new technology and leverage skating physics.

In Vans World, users can design every aspect of their avatar and skateboard, ride their favourite virtual skate spots and compete against each other in interactive challenges. Vans says its visitors have logged more than 8 million hours in Vans World.

It makes sense that Vans would achieve success on Roblox as its customer base is close to that which play on the world-building virtual world. Roblox says it attracts 66 million visitors from 180 countries every day.

Vans World is celebrating is milestone by offering three free items to players – Vans Waffle Drip Bucket Hat, Vans Off The Wall Aura, and Vans Skateboard Wings. These items will be available until July 28.

Marcus Holmström, Co-Founder and CEO at Vans World developer The Gang Sweden, said: “Throughout the past 2+ years, Vans has built an experience that prioritizes what is really valuable to the Roblox community. Their emphasis on quick, fun gamification, customisation options, and smoothly maintaining brand integrity has helped drive success in this experience.”